Arrival Procedures

  1. Domestic
    All arriving domestic passengers will enter the domestic arrival lounge through lift , escalator & stairs if aircraft parked at avio- bridge and if aircraft parked at remote bay , passengers enter through doors/entry-gate , collect the respective baggage from the baggage belt (if any) and exit on to concourse hall and then board his transport to exit the airport or proceed to pedestrian gate for onward journey.

  2. International

    All arriving International passengers will enter the international arrival lounge through lift , escalator & stairs if aircraft parked at avio- bridge and if aircraft parked at remote bay , passengers enter through doors/entry-gate. All arriving international passengers are required to have valid traveling documents including their passport, visa (if applicable) and disembarkation form (only foreigners) for immigration. (Nicop, POC & Overseas/Pakistani Card holder Passenger will exempted to submit disembarkation form). These forms are handed over to the passengers on board and also available at the airport. Passengers are advised to complete the forms while on board to expedite their clearance process.

    A person entering Pakistan for the purpose of entry must hold a valid passport and visa from the country of his origin to Pakistan, the letter being issued at Pakistan Consulates abroad. For more information on Passport and Visa Policy visit Passport and Visa Information on Govt: of Pakistan Website


  1. Filled Disembarkation Form
    (Overseas Pakistani Card holder are not required to fill)
  2. Passport,
  3. Valid Visa (if applicable).
  4. Letter issued at Pakistan Consulates abroad (For Foreigners).
  5. Vaccination Certificate (For Passengers coming directly from the countries infected with the diseases declared by WHO or International Health Regulations)

The holders of diplomatic or official passports of the countries would remain exempted from the requirements of entry visas as provided under the visa abolition agreements concluded with their governments.

Immigration Clearance

  • Immigration desks are divided into different sections.
    1. All Pakistani Passports
    2. Nicop, POC & Overseas Pakistani Passenger/ Card Holder
    3. Foreigners
    4. Old Citizens / Special Person
    5. Diplomats / Foreigners
    6. Taxpayers
    7. Family
    8. Only for Ladies

  • Passengers who will enter into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are required to submit the disembarkation form(only foreigners). Pakistani Passport holder / International Overseas Pakistani Passengers will not submit disembarkation form on board or at international airports at Pakistan. Special Desk for Overseas Pakistan Passengers is also available to facilitate and provide assistance on 24 x 7 basis. (For more information please visit

  • Passengers are advised to queue up at the immigration desk and have their traveling documents ready (passport, disembarkation form and other documents). The Immigration officer will verify your Photo ID and may ask some questions in accordance with immigration procedures.

  • Courtesy Care Counter established to provide one window facility for all passengers, representatives of all agencies i.e. PCAA, Immigration, Customs & OPF are available at the counter for passengers help.
Note: All Passengers coming from Liberiya, Seirialeaone, Mali and Guana to Report to the Ebola Desk and Seek Clearance from Airport Health Officer, before Proceedings to Immigration Desk.
Immigration Clearance
Immigration Clearance


  1. Stand in your corresponding lane.
  2. Stay behind the queuing line at the immigration desk marked in yellow colour.
  3. Please wait for you turn at the marked yellow line. Take off your hat and sunglasses. Refrain from using your mobile phone while waiting.
  4. 4. Submit your passport and disembarkation card (only for foreigners). Once your passport is returned, you may pass through immigration.
Special Desk for Overseas Pakistan Passengers is also available to facilitate and provide assistance on 24 x 7 basis. (For more information please visit

Baggage Claim

After immigration clearance, collect your baggage from the respective Baggage Conveyer belt in the area at international arrival lounge.


  1. Check and confirm at the LCD screen or monitor displaying the baggage of your flight.
  2. Wait at the designated baggage collection area.
  3. Identify your baggage at the baggage conveyer belt.
  4. Collect your baggage and confirm that it’s yours.
  5. Passenger Facilitation Service is also available on payment basis, if required.
  6. Facility of Baggage trolleys are free of cost.

Lost baggage

If you find that your baggage is missing, please contact to the concerned airline for assistance.

The damage to checked-in baggage may be reported to the airline representative and must be claimed within 7 days of its return, and for delayed baggage, within 21 days of its return. The claim can be made from the airline with which the passenger has traveled or the agency handling the particulars Airline in this regard.

Baggage Claim

Custom Clearance

After you collect your luggage from baggage area, custom clearance of your baggage is mandatory in the international arrival area.

If you are having items regarding custom clearance (on which custom duty / tax is applicable) then pass through RED CHANNEL at the international arrival for custom clearance, for this purpose, X-ray scanning machine has been placed by the Custom Authorities. Alternatively, GREEN CHANNEL is also available for passenger not having any taxable items.

(For more information about Customs Baggage Rule; please visit Customs Rules on FBR Website,



Immigration Clearance

Banned Goods / Items

Following Contra Banned goods / items are not allowed without prior permission from concerned authorities.
  1. Arms and Ammunition
  2. Anti Islamic, Anti Pakistan or Obscene and subversive literature
  3. Items of Intellectual Property Infringements
  4. Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, drugs and psychotropic substances

If someone is found guilty of violating these rules, confiscation of the above mentioned items along with detention of the guilty may be enacted.

In case of any assistance please visit Customs Helpdesk located in International Arrival lounge at the AIIAP. For further details please read the Customs Baggage Rules on FBR /Customs Website,

Immigration Clearance
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